Kristy-Ann Duffy

Australian Artist

To Share a Moment, Capture it in Paint

The Australian environment and wildlife fuel my passion and have influenced me as an artist. I strive to express this emotion in my work.

I am a self-taught artist and have been drawing, painting and creating all my life.


Twinkle is a barn owl I painted to watch over my niece and bring her sweet dreams.

LBJ - Little Brown Job

LBJ, that stands for ‘Little Brown Job’ for you non birders.


Kindergarten for a kelp gull - learning how to dive and feed on critters in the seaweed...

Galleries and Upcoming or Current Exhibitions

International Wildlife in Art 2022

Presented by Queensland Wildlife Artists Society (QWASI) and Logan Art Gallery

Logan West Community Centre (2 Wineglass Drive, Hillcrest QLD 4118)

6 May - 11th June 2022

Opening night 6th May at 6pm

Yandina Historic House

3 Pioneer Road, Yandina, Sunshine Coast

[Yandina Historic House]


I love sharing and discussing art and I am interested in hearing from you.

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